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Sermon Series

To request any sermon on CD please contact the MACC church office in person or via telephone at 309-837-9318.

  1. I Love My Church  [2015-02-15]

    When you hear the word CHURCH, what comes to mind? A place to go? A building filled with activities? A benevolent bank? Maybe you think of church as a spiritual hospital, or a gas station where you can fill up to make it through the next week. Maybe these are some of the reasons you love your church, but are they the right motivation for loving your church? Join us as we explore "I Love My Church".

  2. Deceiver to Leader  [2014-12-28]

    Study with us and watch how God takes Jacob, the deceiver and transforms him into the leader God wants him to be. Rember back in Genesis 25, Rebekah prayed asking Gody why her babies were jostling inside of her womb, and God said to her in Genesis 25:23, "Two nations are in your womb, and two peoples from within will be separated; one people will be stronger than the other, and the older will serve the younger." This is the first indication we have that God was developing Jacob into a leader even before his birth. God had plans for Jacob's life. Guess what: God has plans for your life as well.

  3. The Blessings  [2014-12-07]

    We use the word blessing often in our vocabulary; for instance, when someone sneezes we may say, "God bless you." Or when parting company, someone may say "Have a blessed day." But do we really contemplate what it means to bless someone, or are these just quaint 'Christian' words we use because they make us sound spiritual. Language is important and words have meaning and understanding the idea of blessing is huge. The word for blessing used in the Old Testament is one of the most important words in the Bible. The word blss or its derivative is used 428 times according to the NIV Exhaustive Concordance in the Old Testament and New Testament.

  4. Identifying Isaac  [2014-10-26]

    So much rests on the shoulders of Abraham's and Sarah's firstborn son, the son of the covenant, Isaac. In this series we watch Isaac as he grows from the promised new born to the faithful patriarch to a man who wrestles with temptation and sin. Though there are no great achievements to speak of concerning Isaac's life, it was Isaac who God chose to continue the coveneant line, the same line that would produce our Messiah, Jesus, and for this reason we must spend time "Identifying Isaac". Draw your attention to the similarities between Isaac and Jesus. From the events surrounding their birth to their calling of sacrifice, to their leadership and husbandry.

  5. Walking with God  [2014-08-03]

    Shoes are very important to daily life, though most of us pay very little attention to them. Whether you are an outdoor survivalist, a runner, a soldier, an athlete, or an industrial worker, your shoes matter. In this series we will follow the steps of Abraham as his spiritual walk holds countless, value life lessons. So what about your shoes? Where are your steps taking you? Are you walking with God or walking on your own?

  6. Family Feud  [2014-07-06]

    It is sad but true...families feud. In this series we will look at the relationships between four sets of brothers whose feuding impacted generations to come, even still today. Together, we will discover how strained relationships impact those around us, learn what we can do to avoid family feuds, and establish strong, healthy relationships in our own families.

  7. Stewardship  [2014-06-15]

    Stewardship is a partnership of obedience to God, and there is noting in the world that compares to being in partnership with God.

  8. God's Grace in the Storms of Life  [2014-04-27]

    Storms are unpredictable and often times come from somewhere unexpected. Life is full of its own storms, too.

  9. The Domino Effect  [2014-03-23]

    Learn how our actions affect the people around us. This Genesis text will show how perfection became marred because of the actions of a few, but hope is found in the sacrifice that leads to forgiveness and restoration in Christ.

  10. God the Creator  [2014-02-09]

    Discover the awesome and eternal characteristics of God.

  11. We Are MACC  [2014-01-12]

  12. In Their Own Eyes  [2013-07-14]

    This series is not for the faint of heart. The book of Judges is one of the most disturbing narratives in Scripture, chronicling some of the most provocative people who have ever lived, doing some of the most violent things imaginable. The book of Judges is the continuing story of God on a mission to gather a community of worshippers, for Himself, from within an evil and rebellious world. The repetitive theme of, "everyone did what was right in their own eyes," not only sets the tone for the culture, but describes the attitudes of some of the darkest "heroes" in God’s story of redemption.

  13. Marriage Unscripted  [2013-05-26]

    We all have a picture in our minds of what marriage is, what it isn't, and what it should be. But it often looks and feels completely unscripted. Whether you are previously married, not yet married, not wanting to be married, unhappily married, or happily married, you need to know what God says about marriage. It might offer more hope and help for your life than you ever imagined.

  14. The Key to Freedom  [2013-04-07]

    The letter to the Colossians is a warning against the false teachings that are spreading in their land. This particular false teaching though attractive is still false and could lead the Colossians into spiritual bondage. In our 21st century culture we must make sure that we are keeping ourselves guarded against such false teaching as well and the best way to do so is to remain in Christ.

  15. THE BIBLE  [2013-03-03]

    THE BIBLE is an epic five-week, 10 hour television mini-series premiering March 3, 2013 on the History Channel from Emmy Award winning husband and wife team, Mark Burnett and Roma Downey. For two hours each Sunday night millions of viewers will see the Bible from Genesis to Revelation come to life in a way never before seen. The final episode of the series will air on Easter Sunday and will feature the death and resurrection of Jesus.

  16. FOCUS  [2013-01-06]

    Part of growing in our relationship with God is to intentionally bring it into FOCUS. In the hurry up pace of our culture we often times fail to spend the time we need to hear from God, to realize we need God, to acknowledge that he desires us, to know that He is teaching us all along the way, instead we become distracted chasing after everything the world has to offer.

  17. Welcomed Visit  [2012-12-02]

    Though God is the creator of this little blue ball suspended in the atmosphere by an invisible force of gravity, and though he holds it all together through no help from us, when he decided to step out of heaven and into this planet we rejected him and mocked him and crucified him, but he would not allow our disdain for him to keep him away, and he welcomes us to himself today.

  18. Come Together  [2012-10-07]

    There are lots of negative influences in this world that try to shake our faith. It's time we stand together in the love of God and love each other enough to keep our faith strong and secure. Unity makes us stronger as we come together.

  19. Cherished by Christ  [2012-09-09]

    Many don't know this but the reality of life is that God longs for his created and desires an intimate relationship with us, and he longs for us so deeply that he gave his Son, Jesus, to us and he wants us to know that we are cherished by Him.

  20. Give 'Til It Helps  [2012-08-05]

    The stewardship of our money, time, resources, and body is one of the clearest indicators of our intimacy with God and with others. To gain true intimacy with God and others nothing can come between us and God and us and our neighbors.

  21. Obstacles  [2012-07-08]

    We run around going through life 90 miles per hour and all of a sudden we like Humpty Dumpty have a great spill and life pours out all over the place, in public and private.

  22. Pillow Talk  [2012-06-03]

    Late at night when everything is quiet except that subtle pounding in your chest that you feel in your head a conversation begins, it's not with the person lying next to you, but it is with the One who created you in His image. God desires intimate conversations, he desires to hear from us no matter what time of the day or night it may be.

  23. Guardrails  [2012-04-15]

    As we develop an intimate relationship with God and with others we are going to be tempted to get off course along the way. In this series we will focus on how establishing boundaries allows us to continue to be more intimate with God and others.

  24. The Way  [2012-04-08]

    There are all kinds of religious philosophies and ideologies out there, and there are many religions in which people have felt strong enough to take a stand for and even be persecuted and die for…but there is only one religion in which the founder came back to life…The way of Jesus Christ.

  25. A Model Church  [2012-03-04]

    Church can seem like a strange place to many people in our culture because church is strange but people need community.

  26. Family Secrets  [2012-02-05]

    Family life can be the best or worst thing a person ever experiences.

  27. Welcome  [2012-01-01]

    As we learn how to be intimate with God one of the first things we must understand as His people is that God "Welcomes" us into a relationship with Him.

  28. A Name that Impacts  [2011-12-04]

    We can have a tendency to get distracted at Christmas time by all the lights and trees, wrapping paper and bows, but Christmas is still about Jesus and Isaiah prophesied about him and how he would make himself known…the name Isaiah uses says it all.

  29. Impactful Giving  [2011-10-16]

    One of the ways we demonstrate the impact God has truly had on us in seen in our giving.

  30. Resisting the Impact of People  [2011-09-04]

    Society and culture want us to conform to the rules established by the people for the people. God desires His people to live a life that conforms to His rule established by Him for His people. Don’t Conform.

  31. God's Impact on His People  [2011-07-31]

    Are you willing? Are you daring? Are you able??? to die to yourself and allow God to change your life from the inside out, forever and ever. When God's people allow God to impact them their lives never stay the same. Ready for a change?

  32. Prayers that Impact Our Lives  [2011-06-26]

    Does your praying seem lifeless, mundane, rote, or even boring…that's not God's fault, that is our fault. When we meet with the Creator who is our Father we are impacted and Prayer is the instrument that ushers us into perpetual communion with the Father.

  33. Impacting the World Like Jesus  [2011-05-29]

    No one ever impacted the world like Jesus and he calls us to live like him. He lived a radical life for anytime period, are you living your life like Jesus are you impacting the world like Jesus.

  34. The Event that Impacted World History  [2011-04-24]

    What would you say is the most important event in history? Bombing of the Twin Towers, WWII, Holocaust, Founding of America, rise or fall of the Roman Empire…Although all these are very important nothing comes close to the life of Jesus come hear why Jesus life is the event that truly impacted World History.

  35. Words that Impact Our Life  [2011-03-27]

    Everyone talks, but few people say anything worth listening too and fewer still say anything worth applying. Jesus spoke some of the most powerful words ever recorded in history as he sat and shared with the people how they could move from a straightjacket religion to a freeing relationship with God. His words spoke power and promise into the lives of those who heard and can do the same thing for us today come and listing to Words that Impact our Life.

  36. Relational Impact  [2011-02-20]

    Everybody is watching...they are watching your marriage if you are married, they are watching how you raise your kids if you have kids, they are watching how you interact with others, and more importantly, if you are a Jesus Follower they are watching your relationship with God.

  37. Impact  [2011-01-02]

    Living life as a Jesus Follower under the direction of the Holy Spirit is a life that looks different from the rest of society. Our lives should make an impact.

  38. Simple Christmas  [2010-12-05]

    Christmas time is one of the most hectic times in the lives of our culture...

  39. Simple Relationships  [2010-11-07]

    Two objects in motion create friction. As we go throughout our days meeting people for the first time, working with people every day for years, living in the same house with our families, sitting beside students in school, the new roommate or new dating partner our relationships can have friction.

  40. Sweet Conversations  [2010-09-26]

    God desires to hear His created call out to Him and at the same time He desires His created to be silent and hear His voice that shouts in our soul. Prayer ushers us into the presence of God like no other discipline and you are invited into this sweet conversation.

  41. Stewardship  [2010-09-05]

    Stewardship is one of God’s first principles in all of creation. God is the Creator of all things and entrust us to use them to glorify His name whether it be environmental stewardship, financial stewardship, or the use of our gifts given to us from Him. We will be held accountable.

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